Farid A. Khavari, PH.D. economist, author of “Environomics”
Zero Cost equals Wealth
Goals of Carefreeism Click here to view animated graphic presentation
01 Employment
  Full employment will occur within 1 year, achieved mainly through enforced implementation of decentralized energy systems.
Passive cooling systems, conversion of existing vehicles from gas-powered to electric in manufacturing and installation will be rigorously promoted.
Construction of productivity- inducing healthcare clinics is promoted to increase the number of construction jobs.
  Create the conditions that will make retirement possible after age 50 and allow the transition from working life toward a leisure and knowledge-based society.
02 Energy
  Decentralized energy systems (solar, wind, and passive) will be promoted, which will drastically reduce energy costs. Research, manufacturing, and installation of these systems also will be strongly promoted. FREE energy will be provided to power Florida homes, buildings, offices, factories, and motor vehicles and other means of transport.   Florida will become a “Solar Wonderland,” making it the world leader in research, development, and manufacturing.
03 Home ownership
  Home ownership will be possible for every Florida family within 15 years at a maximum interest rate of 3%.   Every Florida family could own a home within 10 years; mortgage will be at zero interest rate.
04 Insurance
  All Floridians will receive AFFORDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY healthcare coverage.   Universal insurance policy will cover health care, car, life, natural disaster, theft, and flood at an affordable premium.
05 Small businesses
  Each business will own its building through zero-interest financing and other incentives.   Each business will own it's building through zero-interest financing and other incentives.
06 Large, small, and
  new corporations
  Businesses will get long-term tax exemptions for developing and manufacturing preferred projects that serve the general economic and environmental interests of the state and nation; the same exemptions will be extended to all investors. Investors will be able to write off investments and receive tax exemptions on capital gains and dividends.   Same as immediate goals, until a leisure- and knowledge-based society is achieved. Tax exemptions will continue for projects that serve the general economic and environmental interests of the state and nation.
07 Education
  Free (including graduate and post-graduate education). All hardworking educators will receive financial and other incentives; high-performing and outstanding educators of all types will have guaranteed jobs and income.   Free, with financial incentives for students graduating in multiple disciplines, whether from a higher university education, professional training, or a combination of the two.
08 Interest
  Interest rates will be reduced so they don't exceed 3% annually for home financing; subprime loans will be outlawed. No interest rate will exceed 5% for any kind of financing, loans, credit cards, etc.   Interest rates will be eliminated altogether for home financing, energy systems, and electric- powered vehicles.
09 Property taxes
  Will drop drastically; homeowners older than age 50 will not have to pay property taxes.   Eliminated totally.
10 General economic
  security for
  Step 1: Living costs will be frozen.
Step 2: Living costs will be reduced.
Step 3: Living costs will be eliminated to the extent possible; purchasing power will increase steadily (as described in book).
  Carefree economy will exist, allowing true ownership and sufficient savings and wealth (which will make possible a higher standard of living and improved quality of life) until the demise of two seniors (wife and husband) in households with existing accumulated savings and wealth.
11 Retirement
  At age 60 from working life.   At age 50 from working life.
12 Veterans
  Will receive free health care and easy home ownership.   Will enjoy zero-cost living.
13 Poverty
  Jobs will be created in manufacture of prefabricated, energy-free, hurricane-safe housing as well as in low-tech solar manufacturing facilities in low-income and depressed areas. These houses will be sold (at easy terms) first to people living in these areas, and then to those in other locations, creating a self-sustaining economy. Solar panels will be sold statewide.   Facilities will be created to accommodate increasing income in areas where the economy starts to take off, such as shopping malls, restaurants, spas, and clinics.
14 Environment
  Will be restored to a safe, clean, and healthy condition.   Will be restored to a safe, clean, and healthy condition.
15 Natural resources
  Agricultural land will be protected from nutrient depletion to increase its nutritional value. Use of alternative energy technologies to replace crude oil will be enforced. Recycling will be enforced.   Same as immediate goals, plus improved efficiency and productivity in implementing and realizing these goals.
16 Income
  General purchasing power will increase.   Income inequality will be decreased to retard speculation, exploitation, greed, plundering, swindling, and manipulation.
17 Purchasing power
  Purchasing power will be increased by freezing, reducing, and eliminating costs of all types and by increasing income. (Note: No income can increase purchasing power unless income grows faster and forever; otherwise, costs will catch up with and exceed income; purchasing power is reduced according to rising costs.)   True savings and wealth will accumulate as a healthy, safe economy free of greed, speculation, exploitation, plundering, swindling, and manipulation is created.
18 Society and
  General capitalism will be created by increasing the wealthy middle class; elite capitalism will exist in a healthy, safe economic and social environment.   Leisure- and knowledge-based economy and society will be created in which people can move toward greater dimensions of knowledge and beyond the primitive economic world we now live in (which is controlled by greed, speculation, exploitation, plundering, swindling, manipulation, and war).
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